Helen Noble is the Founder and President of BELACREMA®. She started her company of Natural European Skincare by perfecting the formulas that were created by her family and passed down over four generations. Her products reconnect women today with the beauty secrets she rediscovered as being a part of a healing practice known to her family.

Beauty, to Helen, is "an unmistakable grace and an interconnectedness of mind, heart, body, and spirit." Through 25 years of study and living a natural health and wellness lifestyle, her mission is to have women enjoy their beauty and vitality. Having assisted women with their style and self-image improvement through skin care, nutrition, exercise and self awareness, she has played an influential role in many lives.


"When people are observed as beautiful their bodies are usually considered symmetrical. A dictionay definition of symmetry is: the correspondence and arrangement of parts in balance. Physical characteristics that are pleasing in relation to the whole are appreciated in architecture, landscaping, flower arranging, art, music and the human body.

The fastest way to look and feel more youthful is to have proper posture and move gracefully. It is hard to gauge a person's physical age when his or her body is in alignment. When walking, the ear, shoulder and hip should all make a straight line. Good posture is attractive, healthy and it is the body's natural placement. It is effortless balance—putting your body in the flow with nature and gravity. When you walk with proper posture, your movement is effortless, fluid and you appear fit and confident."


"Inner and outer beauty meet during any quality time spent in contemplation, in which we enter a state of enchantment. We cross this bridge when we meditate, express ourselves through yoga, surround ourselves with nature, spend time painting, playing an instrument or listening to music. Every one of those activities is meditative if we do it consciously, allowing ourselves to step into the flow of nature and live fully in that moment."


The beautiful flowers used as illustrations for the book were painted by artist Marilyn Brown of Naples, Florida. When asked why she chooses to paint flowers, she replied, "Flowers have everything—not only startling images of color, but romance, sensuality, drama, intrigue and powerful insight into Nature's mysteries, all dressed in a lovely mask of joy and frivolity."



Being Simply Beautiful can be ordered on-line at the author's BELACREMA® website. It is priced at $13.95 plus $3.99 shipping.

The book is also available at amazon.com.


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